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You may have noticed this device on the side of your home or tucked behind a shrub in one of your flower beds.  This device is a Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Prevention Device.  Its purpose is to prevent water that is in your sprinkler system from getting sucked back into our water supply.  This device is required to be tested each year by the Texarkana Water Utilities to ensure that it is functioning properly.  Below are some facts you need to know to help prevent damage to your backflow device. 

backflow device

*  This device will freeze in one night and either burst or  the metal will deform and render it useless.

*  You can add all the insulation you want.  But, unless you have some form of heat source, the rp will still freeze and burst.

*  a sign that your device has malfunctioned is a constant leak or drip.  most of the time you will not know it has malfunctioned.  this is the reason for the test.

*  We offer a winterization package that is a benefit to you. Please see letter below.

*  you can winterize the device yourself.  please see below.

winterization package

Sprinkler Winterization Letter 2019 sing

how to winterize your device

Sprinkle Backlfow Winter Proceedure
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