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Sprinkler systems come in many different types, sizes and brands.  Their purpose is to water your landscape.  We want to ensure that you are watering your landscape as close to mother nature intended.  Hopefully we can eliminate the dry spots or the wet spots that you have in your yard.

There Are Two Basic Types Of Sprinkler Heads

Spray Head


Spray Heads:  Spray heads are commonly found in smaller grass areas and in shrub beds.  These heads spray a mist or fan of water up to a distance of 15 feet.  Sprinkler Zones with these types of heads should be set at a minimum of 20 minutes for grass areas and 10 minutes for shrub areas.

Rotors:  Rotors are primarily used in large grass areas of your lawn.  These heads have a large stream of water that shoots out around 35 feet and the head rotates.  Sprinkler Zones with Rotors should be set for a minimum of 40 minutes.

Hopefully you do not have Spray Heads and Rotors on the same zone.  They are supposed to be installed on different zones because they put out different amounts of water.

How Many Days A Week To Water?

We are sure that you have your days of the week to water set up for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We do not know where that originated from, but people have been doing this for a very long time.  This is not how mother nature does it when it rains.  

Try setting your controller to water a couple days in a row skip a day and then water one day.  For example, you would water on Monday and Tuesday, skip Wednesday, then water on Thursday.  When it starts getting hotter or you start seeing dry spots, you will just add a day like Friday.  So you will be watering Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Watering this way will allow the water to soak deeper into the ground where the roots need it most.

What Time Do You Water?

We set our sprinklers to water anywhere between 10pm and 2am.  There are reasons why.  First, the grass and soil have started cooling down from being in the sun all day.  Second, There is less wind to blow the water onto your neighbors yard.  Third, there is better water pressure.  Fourth, it allows the water to soak deeper into the ground before the sun comes up and starts evaporating it.

Every property and sprinkler system in unique.  The information on this page is only a guideline.  You must continually monitor and change your settings based on area or season to get the most from your sprinkler system.

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