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The success of the mosquito control system is based on the principle of Pyrethrum, an all natural chemical derived from the Chrysanthemum.  This chemical is a contact killer for many pest that we have.  Pyrethrum was widely used during WWI to help our troops battle head lice.  This same chemical is used in the treatment of head lice today.  Many of your dog shampoos that have flea and tick control use Pyrethrum.  


The Mosquit-X system pumps our mixture at high pressure through atomizers placed throughout your yard.  The atomizers essentially turn the liquid into a fog.  The system is controlled by a timer that has the system come on in the morning and evening.


This revolutionary system virtually eliminates mosquitoes from the areas that you want to enjoy.  Diseases spread by mosquito's, such as West Nile Virus and Encephalitis, can be as close as your back yard.  Install a Mosquit-X system to help protect you and your family.


Follow up visits to refill and check the system are provided on a regular basis.  All systems are checked and filled at the start of the mosquito season, generally late Spring.  We winterize all systems at the end of the season to ensure proper protection during the winter months.

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