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If you drive down your street at night what do you see?  Or, what do you not see?  Landscape lighting gives your home an inviting warm glow at night.  It allows people to see your landscape and architecture at all times.  Lighting is an art.  You don't want your property to look like a football field on game night.  Landscape lights placed in certain areas of your yard can give your home that warm feeling.  The use of up lights, down lights and path lights help create an ambiance of bright and dark shadows.  

Over the past few years, LED lighting has arrived.  There are a few bonuses we get with LED lights.  Lower electricity is the main benefit to LED lighting.  Bulb longevity is measured in years instead of months.  There is one bonus that not many people know about and with the LED lighting, you don't have to worry about bugs.  Bugs cannot see the wavelength of light that LED bulbs emit.

Another great aspect of landscape lighting is incorporating it for security reasons.  Every home has dark corners and unlit entrances.  With landscape lighting you can light these areas up to thwart a would be robbery.  Lighting up a dark corner gives you and your family a peace of mind when they come home late at night.